All Clear?

Paige, I realized when you left the comment about if we are in the clear that maybe others are curious too. Here is where we are right now.

Uno- We see our high risk specialist on Tuesday and she will be doing an ultrasound to make sure he’s growing still and getting enough blood. If he isn’t then we go from there, worst case is they take him then. I don’t feel like this will be the case. His heartbeat is still good so I’m taking that as a good sign to hold me over till Tuesday.

Me- There isn’t going to be an “all clear” until after the baby is born and if the condition goes away. Until then there is always a risk of heart failure but the odds of it happening are in my favor. Things however should be ok once the cardiologist decides if he wants to medicate or watch me closely. That decision we will know on Thursday. If they decide to just monitor the condition then it will mean weekly Echocardiograms to make sure my blood flow from my heart doesn’t drop lower than the 45% it is currently at. I’m lucky that its not a lower number. It could be much worse.

I feel ok health wise most times but the hardest thing I have to deal with is breathing. The medications they will put me on could make the breathing harder so that could factor on what they decide. I am breathing enough right now, the oxygen in my blood is good, it just feels like I am not. If that makes sense?

I hope that answered most questions. If not. Feel free to ask. Who knows, you may have a question I haven’t thought of yet.


5 thoughts on “All Clear?

  1. That was a good blend of worries and sincere optimism. Your outlook is refreshing and I’m glad that we get to hear of the updates through your blog.

  2. Humm I have one… How many doctors apointments do you have in the adv. week?? And I thought it was annoying the last 4 weeks when I had to go in once a week.

  3. Hugs Bobbie. 🙂 You “sound” good, like you’re handling things well, as best as can be expected, and very normal as far as the emotions being out of control at times and other times being okay.

    So glad to read your updates. Thinking of you.

  4. Okay, should I write what I wrote the last time? *Sigh* I love you and am happy that you are taking this better than I did… Hang in there. Boy, do you have some stories to tell Baby Uno. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Bobbie – sorry to make you type all that out and relive it. You are such a strong woman. Will said it perfectly with ‘That was a good blend of worries and sincere optimism.’

    So tomorrow we’ll know more about Uno and Thursday we’ll know more about you. Your little family is still in our prayers, but we’ll pray extra hard this week. 😉

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