Surprise Blessings

A few weeks ago an old friend I haven’t seen in years sent me an e-mail and told me that she was getting rid of some of her son’s old baby stuff. She asked if we wanted any of it. I wrote her back and said sure, she was welcome to send anything she wanted to get rid of. Yesterday two big boxes came from Texas. I had forgotten about our emails but when I opened the boxes they were FILLED with baby stuff.  When she said “some” stuff I assumed a few items. She not only sent all her son’s 0-3 month clothes, she sent us a bunch of recieving blankets, towels, wash clothes, an unoppened box of 4 Avent bottles and even some maternity shirts. I couldn’t help but burst into tears. Jeremy and I had maybe 3 onsies for the baby and besides the crib that’s all we have ready for him. Sitting around all day makes you realize how much more is needed. I know I have 2 months to go (praying he stays in there that long) but it can be overwhelming to think about all the items needed for a child. I’m sure many of you can relate. I can’t thank her enough for sending us the boxes, she was an answer to our prayers.

Some of the onsies were so funny. Here are two that had me laughing

. spill.jpgsprinkler.jpg


10 thoughts on “Surprise Blessings

  1. That is so awesome, Bobbie. We are totally unprepared for this baby to come. We’ve inherited a stroller, a car seat and a crib, but haven’t gotten around to getting any of the sheets, blankets or clothes the little guy is going to need. And with less than two months to go, we need to get crackin’!

  2. Yes…it is an over whelming task at times to think about a new babies needs. I’m thankful too, you have a great friend who thought about you and J.D.!

  3. Hooray for hand me downs. I love the onesies! You are lucky to have such amazing friends! And no worries about not being ready. In Kel’s opinion you never can be ready. Babies always come with more surprises than you bargain for. (= But they are so worth it!

  4. I don’t know if you saw this at the shower, but my sister bought us this hoodie for little Ben, it’s HILARIOUS! Anyway- I am grateful Ryan’s sister is giving us a ton of stuff too. I was thinking about all the things we need to get too. I mean, we’re registered and all- but are people REALLY going to buy us a stroller/car seat? Luckily my bro gave us their crib and changing table… but there’s still really so much to buy. I feel ya sister. I’m glad you were blessed with a thoughtful friend!

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