Blasted Blogspot

I have a lot of catching up to do about the past weekend but it will have to wait till later today.  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you all how much I’m not a fan of Blogspot right now.

They used to have it so that you could leave a comment on someone’s page and link your comment to your page even if you weren’t on blogger.  WELL NO MORE.  You can either log in with your blogger account, leave an anonymous comment or just leave one with your nickname and no link.  I say LAME!  ALSO every time I tried to open up pictures today from blogger to view them larger it would automatically download it to our computer.  What ever happened to it just popping up in another window online for me to view?!

I am not feeling too hot today so that may have something to do with my agrivation, but I just wanted to share!  WORDPRESS I LOVE YOU!


17 thoughts on “Blasted Blogspot

  1. I agree blogger sucks. I just have to much invested in it to give it up. So sad. I wish I knew about wordpress sooner.

  2. That is stupid, but there is a way around this. I tried to be clever and add code into the nickname area but that was denied 😦 However if you add code into the comment field by just ending with your name it works fine. Bobbie if you go like you are writing a post and use the code section and put your name and then click the link button and enter your site your name will come up as a link. Here is an example, click here that will take you to my site.
    here is what the code looks like. I made a space before click and after here so you can see what the code looks like

    click here

    Kristin there is a way to import all of your stuff from Blogger to wordpress if you want to know and it is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it.

  3. apparently that did not work, lets try again.

    In between the quotes you would put your site and then between > you would put your name or whatever you would like to show up,

  4. Jer I love you. I didn’t think about embedding it into a comment however it just seems like more of a hastle. I think all of you blogger people should come to the light. 🙂

  5. Okay, can I just tell you…how funny I think it is that Bob and Jer talk to each other through their comments. It is really funny to me how far the technological world has come. I wonder if this is the stuff Isaiah saw?

  6. I did not even realize that had happened with Blogger. I am soooo happy you got me onto WordPress. I probably would have given up MONTHS ago…if it had been a pain to blog. I agree with Kay. It is funny how you two comment back and forth to each other. Technology ROCKS! 😉

  7. the comments issue is because they’re moving over to the OpenID system. i don’t really understand it all, but that’s why the URL thing is messed up right now. the photos downloading instead of opening in the window is a glitch that is being fixed.

    i’m standing by my blogspot.

  8. Jeremy I think I might take you up on that offer of switching to word press later. I just know no matter what i do it is going to be a pain. I have a year and a half worth of stuff on blogger.

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