Bedrest Bobbie

The busy holiday week is over and my voice is finally almost back.  I do have some pictures to put up but haven’t yet gotten them put on the computer.  It was a very busy week with lots of family coming and going.  Trying to stay down was hard during the week so all weekend Jeremy kept a close eye on me telling me to sit or lay down anytime he saw me up.


 To keep myself busy I started to crochet an afghan for the baby.  Yarn was 40% off at a local craft store so we pieced together some colors from what they had left.  I had a few problems at first but this was the free pattern that was on the label when I got the yarn so I was determined to make it work.  Where there is yellow in the picture we are acutally using a cream.  It’s quite cute.  Jeremy is ready for me to make him one too now.  Problem is making him one would take QUITE a bit longer since he is so dang tall.  I’ll need to start looking for a quick pattern for a big afghan for him.


11 thoughts on “Bedrest Bobbie

  1. Thanks again for letting the bragg’s invade…it was fun to see everyone.

    I’m glad your voice is coming back, I thought you were just whispering so you could stay calm. tee hee hee (there Holly, that’s an old thing to say)

  2. How fun! I love afghans! Good luck with that, but more importantly good luck with the bedrest. I think that is going to be the hardest thing. I hate sitting still for longer than two minutes. (= If you need help making Jeremy a blanket, let me know. I could crochet you some squares to help. (=

  3. So I find it very interesting that I can hold a conversation with someone other than the blogger through comments. Holly can anwser me and it will have nothing to do with your/Bobbie’s blog entry. But what I find even more strange is I check back to see what people have commented about the blogs I have already read. Does this mean I’m addicted to blogs? I don’t even write one. Goodness! Oh wait, here’s four exclaimation points just for Will….Goodness!!!!

  4. Maybe your comments and following of comments is your way of blogging. OR maybe you should just start a blasted blog, then again that’s one more blog I’d have to read…. hmmmm…


  5. awww, that’s gonna be cute for the baby! mile-a-minute patterns usually go pretty quickly, but you’d probably have to add a lot of “width” (i.e., more strips) to make it long enough for Jeremy.

  6. does it come with that baby? because, I mean, it’s CUTE and all, but doesn’t really look like you guys. I’d trade it in for a cuter, darker haired model

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