One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving dinner is cranberry sauce. Now I never liked it growing up, but then one year my mom decided to make it from scratch and from then on I’ve been hooked! Each year I look forward to making and enjoying the leftover cranberry sauce on toast and bread for weeks after the holiday. To some of you this may not be your favorite, or you may hate it but here’s the deal. I don’t like the following Thanksgiving staples: Stuffing, Yam’s/Sweet Potato’s, or Green Bean Casserole. I’m sure there are some that I’m forgetting but that’s the gist of it. Jeremy is opposite of me. He hates cranberry sauce but makes his stuffing from scratch.

Tonight I sat on my little stool and slaved over the stove making the cranberry sauce for tomorrow. My mother is hosting her family that could come, so we are expecting over 40 people . I made 4 bags worth of sauce. he he he. Here are the pictures, once again from my phone.  The last one is the only one that didn’t turn out super, thanks to the steam. Our good camera was downstairs and it’s not smart for me to run up and down the stairs much.



9 thoughts on “Cranberry!

  1. Ok that was my mom. My comment is that I only eat the rolls, olives, and jello. I starve during thanksgiving. Good thing there is pie after. Thats where I really fill up.

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