Doctors, Doctors Everywhere

Long post… just a warning….

Thanks for everyones prayers with the work situation. It never did get fixed but my old supervisor is back and taking a look at everything.Β  The good news is that I’ve relaxed about it and realized that if I can’t change it then I need to let it go. I didn’t loose my job, but I believe I will get reprimanded unless they can find some way to see me working that day. Always frustrating when you didn’t actually do anything wrong. I can’t “prove” I was there so now I know I just always need to make sure I do have proof from here on out just in case it happens again.

For those of you that don’t read the pregnancy blog here’s a quick update. I’ve been having problems breathing, dizziness, passing out, and with a racing pulse for the past little while. Sunday we were in the ER because of it. Yesterday back to our regular doctors for a check up on it, and then today they sent me to a Perinatologist (high risk pregnancy specialist) and a Cardiologist. Jeremy and I were at the hospital at 8:30am and after a few more appointments we weren’t counting on, we made it home around 2:45pm.

The Perinatologist did a large ultrasound of the baby first off to make sure nothing had been affecting him. Uno is doing great. He’s about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and according to their measurements (and they could be off either way by at least a pound) already over 3 pounds. He is still breech but there is still plenty of time for him to turn and it’s not a concern right now. It was so odd to see how big he was. Oh the days when he would fit on the screen and not have to be shown in little segments!

The doctor was a little concerned about my changing blood pressure, heart rate and problems breathing. Apparently I already have mild Gestational Hypertension. It’s something I knew I was at risk for because of my weight but I was praying I wouldn’t have to deal with. She decided to have me see her once a month and my normal doctors once a week to keep tabs on everything and make sure it doesn’t get too bad. She told us some of the risks with Hypertension for me are seizures and for the baby it could be preterm labor or even still birth. They are still running some tests (a 24 hour urine collection, eww! And lots of blood work) and I’ll let you know how all that goes. Because of the Hypertension she ordered me to stop working. As a worst case scenario they decided to also do a CT scan to see if I had a clot in my lungs that could cause a Pulmonary Embolism. Apparently it’s a big risk in pregnant women and a leading cause of death during pregnancy.


The CT scan was not something I ever want to do again. Because of the radiation risks to the baby I was covered everywhere I could be with those heavy lead blankets and aprons. Then the lady couldn’t find my vain in my right arm for the IV. She was literally digging around with the needle! For those of you that don’t know I’m NOT good with needles. It’s having something stuck in me that bothers me and being able to feel that needle move around was almost too much for me. It was worse because there couldn’t be anyone in there with me so I had to squeeze those dang blankets instead of my husbands hand. Eventually she went and got an ER nurse that can apparently “IV anyone’s veins.” They decided to do my Left arm even with a bruise that was there from Sunday’s IV and blood that had been drawn an hour earlier. Apparently my “good vain” is quite deep in that arm and that nurse just plunged that needle in there. At this point I was going to pass out until they started pumping the intravenous contrast material into my body. All of a sudden I was hot all over, felt like I’d wet my pants and my ears had fallen off. I’d been warned it could feel this way but WOW. Uno did NOT like having the heavy stuff pushing on my belly and complicated things by constantly kicking me as hard as possible while I needed to be holding my breath.

We waited as long as we could for the results but finally had to leave to make it to our cardiology appointment. The Cardiologist however rocks and was able to find the diagnostic from the CT scan and let us know there was no clot. They did find a Hiatal hernia but besides causing more heartburn he said it shouldn’t cause any problems. One good thing about our visit to the ER on Sunday is that they were able to use the EKG results and view my stats from that visit, thus saving a lot of time in the office. The Cardiologist has me coming back in tomorrow for a Heart Echo and then in couple weeks for a 24 hour Holter monitor so that they can actually catch the elevations in my heart rate during different times of day and activities. A couple weeks after that he wants me back in for a check up. If my heart rate is too high then they will either put me on medication or strict bed-rest where I can only get up to use the restroom. I am also restricted from having any more caffeine. This won’t be too bad unless the nausea comes back since sipping a coke was one of the only things that helped me. Sounding fun yet?

After getting home I had to call work and let them know about everything then take paperwork back over to the Doctor so that I’m covered until after the baby is born. With the other work situation not being settled I was worried this would cost me my job but since it is covered under the Family Medical Leave Act I’m protected. Needless to say it’s been a long day. I’m so glad I’m done getting poked and proded. While I still have the heart echo tomorrow it’s just a simple ultrasound and thank goodness there are no needles involved. I feel horrible for Jeremy since it was one of his few days off and he spent it getting up early and then going to a ton of appointments. I am blessed to have such a supportive husband and I’m so thankful he could be there with me. I wasn’t the best company since I was stressed out a bit, so I guess he really loves me if he stuck around.

Sorry this is so long. Since it’s all fresh in my memory I needed to get it all written down so I don’t forget anything later. I’ll keep you all updated on the test results.


11 thoughts on “Doctors, Doctors Everywhere

  1. As someone who DID have very severe case of pre-eclampsia (hypertension), I went through all of that. Except the CT scan. That sounds so yucky!

    Bobbie, having the doctor advise you to leave work is a HUGE blessing, let me tell you. First off, you’re protected by very strict state labor laws (Phew!). Second, you’re so blessed to be living so close to your parents (hallelujah!) who I’m sure will take good care of you.

    The worst thing you can do is stress. Seriously, any time you start to feel anxiety, work on meditation and deep breathing. By the time they detected my pre-eclampsia, I was so close to eclampsia (and death… yay), I was immediately hospitalized and had to have two blood tests a DAY as well as daily NST’s, hourly heartbeat checks for Micah, and the works! I wasn’t allowed to move from my bed unless it was to pee. Plus, they do stuff to you during your labor that normal people don’t have to experience… I won’t scare you with those details. And don’t get me started on what it’s like to have a preemie in the NICU. Just take my word for it, you don’t want it.

    And what brought it on after having a completely normal pregnancy up to that point? A sudden onset of stress in my life.

    So I’m telling you… stop the stressing. You have so many awesome things going for you, and this baby is going to be the most precious addition to your life.

    I had a psychiatrist visiting me daily in the hospital to talk about things and go through the relaxation techniques and helping me put things into perspective. Maybe that might be something to look into?

    Anyway, you’re on my mind and in my prayers. Take care of yourself. Kick back, chillax in front of the TV eating bon bons (hehe… that’s what wish I did), and just ENJOY being pregnant.

    Lots of love to you and Jeremy.

  2. WOW! That brought back a TON of memories. Is that why I only have 2 sweet boys? Hmmm. Hang in there. As much as it stunk carrying my boys…the reward is FAR greater. I LOVE U! πŸ™‚

  3. Yep…the whole bed rest thing is a killer. I hate it! With Zan and Mick I just tried to do more house arrest. But got through it thanks to your mom!!

    It’s all worth it…promise!

  4. Boy, so many times reading that I just wanted to stop, it sounded so uncomfortable – but I made it through for you! OK, nothing compared to what you’re actually GOING through, but you have my sympathy.

  5. I still have the brusis form my IV on monday. And that IV fluid is nasty, I was dry heaving when it first started. You deffinetly have my sympathy too!!

  6. I am so sorry, you have to go through all of this. At least baby Uno is doing good. I don’t mind all the test they have been doing on me, as long as baby is fine πŸ™‚ Hang in there!!!

  7. Oh Bobbie, I’m so sorry to read about all you’ve been going through, but I’m so glad the baby is doing fine. You’re going straight on the prayer roll at the temple when we go on Friday!

  8. You guys are all so great! I can’t believe you all read the entire post. I’m glad I made it so long because even now Jeremy and I forget what doctors said so it’s nice to have it written down.

  9. Hey Bobbie! that contrast is definitely a weird feeling. and they have to stick you with a bigger needle than normal for it. Sucky stuff going on there.

    Hugs. πŸ™‚ Hang in there.

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