The Secret to My High IQ

I’ve never had a terribly high IQ. I’ve taken a number of tests over the years and my lowest score was a 127. It’s not a bad score and I’ve known that it was above average but I never knew why I could do so well. Now thanks to a recent study I have the secret to my IQ.

I have been blessed with a small waist and large hips. I say blessed but to be honest trying to find a pair of jeans that actually fit is a nightmare. If they fit my hips they aren’t anywhere close to fitting my waist and if I could button it around my waist without gaps you can be sure there is no way I could pull them up over my hips. It doesn’t matter what size I am, large or larger I still struggle with it. Even now that I’m pregnant Jeremy jokes that I still have a waist if you look at me from behind.


Apparently these hips and this waist I’ve cursed my entire life are linked to my IQ. Even more good news is that apparently it ups my chances of having intelligent children. Then again there are always exceptions to the rule. 🙂 However I got my waist and hips from my mother and she has some pretty smart kids. I am the one that got the most dramatic of the waist to hip ratio so that makes me the smartest right?!

My question is this. WHO thought of running this test?

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9 thoughts on “The Secret to My High IQ

  1. LOL! You are too funny. You find the most oddest test. Nice to know you will have smart kiddos. I have been told my back side is bigger than my waist…MAYBE that’s where Con gets it! 😉

  2. I thought that Art had the biggest hip to waist ratio:) So if I do not have a big hip-to-waist ration anymore does that mean I am not smart anymore?

  3. I like your new blog!!! SO PRETTY AND CHRISTMASSY! I wonder if I count too- I’ve got the hips thing going on also. Except for, I have more of a back porch than wide hips… I got booty.

  4. I believe it’s an “on average” thing. I believe you can have big hips and still be dumb as a brick, and you can have none and win a Nobel prize. Then again you can just be Al Gore and win a Nobel prize so maybe that’s not a great example….

  5. Okay, Kristin and I are wondering where this study leaves the Bragg family? And Kristin also wants to know if a Ghetto booty counts as big hips!! If it does she the smartest girl in the world!

  6. Kristin- you may have a little junk in the trunk but there is NO WAY you have a ghetto booty. NO WAY. I’ve lived in the ghetto, I have the booty, I can spot another booty from the ghetto miles away… You my dear are lucky!

    Granola- AMEN

    Stewie- thanks so much! I was trying to find pictures that showed my hips and waist but there aren’t many.

  7. So that research answers a lot of questions for me about myself. My poor kids… I already feel bad for them. I never had a chance to take an IQ test (you know the whole Ukrainian deal…), but now I am not so sure I want to, the result looks obvious to me in the mirror. 🙂

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