Stake Conference and SNL?

My aunt sent an email around about an unusual Saturday evening session of stake conference.  Apparently they Stake Presidency is pretty high tech and often use things like power point presentations during their talks.  This is what they viewed this time around:

How perfect is that!  While we laugh at how the people seem dense for not getting it, how often do we ignore good advice and counsel?  How often are we told something that should be simple and we complicate it by trying to dance around it and find the exception.

Jeremy and I have been trying very hard since we got married to get rid of debt. The crazy thing is it’s debt we each had before we got married, not debt we acquired together.  The past years have taught me the difference between wants and needs.  We have learned to say that we couldn’t afford to go and do things.  We have also learned that while we love everyone we can’t afford extravagant gifts for holidays and birthdays.  It can be a painful process and we have had our share of learning lessons but I can’t wait till it’s all gone.  Even the car will be paid off in the next year or so.  Having little Uno on the way has really pushed us into high gear.  Knowing that you are going to be responsible for not only yourself but a child can really yank things into perspective.  We are praying that we can get all the debt, with the exceptions of Student Loans and the Car, taken care of  before the baby. I used to think it would never happen but with us living at home with mom and dad it’s starting to look it might just happen.  WAHOO.  It’s such a thrilling feeling.  The sad thing about debt is that you use money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need.  Then years later when you are still paying for it you can’t even remember what it is you purchased.


6 thoughts on “Stake Conference and SNL?

  1. I love that SNL skit… it’s so funny. I remember seeing that on that episode thinking “hmmm, isn’t that what the church basically teaches us?!” Funny that they used it in Stake Conference. 🙂

  2. I laughed so hard when I watched this video last night-too funny. Debt really can be bad if not taken care of quickly. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem with your Uncle and I…it was when we were younger, but now…not so much. 🙂

  3. That has long been one of my favorite SNL skits. SO simple, yet so true. It is nice to see it and be able to laugh, not just feel preached to.

  4. My poor family had live through some pretty pathetic gifts, my favorite were the homemade sheep slippers they all got one year….oh my!

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