My Ugly Fat Friend

There is nothing like logging into your blog and seeing that someone has googled “My ugly fat friend” and found your blog.  How did they find my blog by searching that?  Not exactly what an emotional pregnant woman wants to see.  I tracked down on google that it was linking it to this blog post.  I used the words fat and ugly at the end and it was tagged under friends.  So nice how they can put all those words together eh?

It did get me thinking however.  If you are calling someone fat and ugly I don’t believe you should use the word friend at all.  Would a friend really call another friend fat and ugly.  I know they wouldn’t to their face but behind their back it’s a possibility, and not a sign of friendship if you ask me.

I’m sure I’ve been described as one or the other before, possibly even both.  I would hope and pray however that people calling me those things were not ones I count among my friends.   I have however described myself as that.  I did in that post and that’s why it came up in the search.  Shouldn’t I be my own best friend, and if so why would I do that?

I hear people in my life constantly complaining about their bodies.  Many of whom I see no problem with.  It is so hard to grow up on the bigger side of life and always hear others that are much smaller than you whine about how “fat” they are.  In elementary school I would come home crying because of all the girls that I thought were beautiful and perfect picking apart their bodies, and I would think “If they are fat what am I?”  My mom finally told me to just agree with them.  I mean who wants the chubby girl agreeing that they are fat?  It worked in 6th grade but somewhere over the years it’s stopped working.

Why do we all have to be SO hard on ourselves, and why do we have to be so vocal about it.  My new goal is to focus on the good things, and next time I whine about how bad my body is I am going to make myself pick out three things I like about my body.  I would LOVE it if you all did the same.


5 thoughts on “My Ugly Fat Friend

  1. Wow. And besides, Who GOOGLES THAT?! Geez!

    The funny (ironic?) thing is I would not have noticed you wrote again tonight except I was going to look for your email address to send you an invite for something that now looks bad. So just know it was NOT RELATED! hee hee hee!

  2. I have found myself thinking about the positive with my body. I have noticed that it has put me in a better mood knowing I have worked out during my day. Sometimes it’s easier to not know what other people think…heck, I am sick and tired of being called loud. Not much I can do about it…so I am starting to embrace it. 🙂 Love U!

  3. I hear ya Bobbie… I have those days, especially now where I’m already a “bigger” girl than I should be, and am getting bigger because of bambino. People look at me like they’re not quite sure if I’m pregnant or fat. But my friend said to me yesterday “who cares what people think… screw them!” I’m doing a noble thing to bring my little guy into the world and it’s okay if my tummy is sticking out more than normal. I have to remind myself of that- but my hubby does a good job of reminding how beautiful and “HOT” he thinks I am. I think I’ll keep him!
    My sister was at a store a few weeks ago and heard a girl saying “EHHH, I’m so fat… I can’t feel my hip bones anymore!” Now THAT makes me mad…

  4. Ok so the hip bone thing is way sad. It is like when my sister was younger and gaged her weight on wether or not you could see her collar bones. I never understood that. I am sorry that someone was so insensitive. Honestly Bobbie I think you make a beautiful pregnant lady. I hate the fact that this entire country focuses on weight and that all these young girls are verging on anorexic You are beautiful and I know that Jeremy agrees with me! I will try you challenge, but I not sure I can be as dilligent as you. Remind me to tell you something later! Love ya!

  5. Hey Bobbie! I’m with ya on the skinny chicks claiming they’re fat and whining about it to me, and being a bigger gal myself … it’s frustrating.

    Hugs. I’ll take you up on that whole “find something positive” next time I start to get down on myself. 🙂

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