All day I’ve been SO HUNGRY… it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat or how much I still want more. WHY! What is going on!? It’s an odd change from the constant nausea I’ve had. Here is the ASTOUNDING intake for today. Be amazed people:

  • 2 large pancakes, with syrup
  • 1 Brownie
  • Yougart
  • Mini Corn-dogs
  • 2 apples, one with caramel and one with cheese (I wanted one with carmel and cheese and Steph assured me that it was gross and I was just craving it due to the pregnancy)
  • LOTS of water, some mixed with apple juice. Watered down apple juice, WEIRD I know.
  • Lasagna with salad and about 3 servings of bread

I feel like there is more but I can’t remember right now. On the plus side, Uno has been SUPER active today because of all the stuff I’ve been feeding him I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “FEED ME!

  1. Oh boy…ask your Uncle about me eating 2 Double Doubles, fries and a shake from In and Out. HOLY MOLY! If I remember correctly…I was STILL hungry. 😉

  2. Man… I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE Apples and Cheese. SO yum. I also love warm Blueberry muffins (the somewhat homemade out of a box kind) with cheese. And that’s not even just a pregnant me talking!
    I too lately have been eating a lot more… which is great considering I really wasn’t eating much up until a week ago. I think this is a good sign for us!

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