Pixar and Hidden Mickey’s

This one is for Art and Will…If you don’t know what a Hidden Mickey is check out my other post HERE.

While I couldn’t find good pictures of hidden mickey’s in any of the Pixar movies I did find the following pages at hiddenmickeys.org (Art you’d love this site).

A Bugs Life

Toy Story

Toy Story 2

Monsters Inc.

They have good details where you can find the Hidden Mickey’s in each of the movies (other movies too). People post where they see the Mickey’s and then others confirm them.

Next time we head out to a Disney park I’d also love to take this book with us. I have friends who LOVE looking for hidden mickey’s. They will ride a ride and try to find them without looking in the book first.



4 thoughts on “Pixar and Hidden Mickey’s

  1. Ever since we were with you at WDW…I always look for the hidden Mickey! In fact, it has become a game with my boys and I! Of course…I usually win. 😉

  2. While i think this is a fun game… the people that have taken the time to find like EVERY SINGLE instance of this must have a lot of time on their hands. Either that or they’re just REALLY observant! 🙂

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