Last night I had one of the worst nightmares. I was with a friend and her mom at some restaurant and some guy was following us to our car trying to hit on my friend. I turned to him and told him we were leaving and to go away. Apparently I shouldn’t have because next thing I know he’s following us in his car and then he kidnapped me and handcuffed me inside some basement apartment with an attack dog that kept biting my hand and one of my cheeks. I eventually made friends with the dog (ya, uh, whatever) and then Jeremy came and rescued me! He had Max with him in my dad’s truck and we took the other dog and headed to the police station. When we got there I was filling out paperwork when I told Jeremy to go get the dogs so that guy couldn’t come get them or kill them. The cops at this point weren’t really believing me so they wouldn’t send anyone with Jeremy. Well it was too late. Jeremy went out and the truck was on fire and the dogs had already been horribly killed. While Jer was standing in the doorway telling the officers that he got shot in the head. I woke up at this point, almost screaming, and it took me a long time to get back to sleep. I had to put my hand on Jeremy’s chest while he was sleeping so I could feel him breathing. After I finally did drift off again the dream kept going and got worse and worse till the only ones left alive were me (but I was crippled and he killed Uno) and Katy, Chad and Braxton. Everyone else in my family was dead! IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What made it worse is it was one of those super realistic dreams. I thought maybe it was something I watched before I went to bed but I doubt Biggest Looser spawned that dream. I could be wrong….

I am trying to think happy thoughts today after that. I even made my bed all nice and pretty this morning. I did find this cute picture for Halloween today… of all the days to have nightmares….



7 thoughts on “Nightmares!

  1. I hate dreams like that. I had several while pregnant and it was almost enough to convince me to become and insomniac. I am glad that it was just a dream and that you are doing ok. It is hard to enjoy the day when you have a dream like that looming over your head. I at least hope your Halloween isn’t filled with gore and that you have a good time at least. (=

  2. I forgot about wild pregnancies dreams! They suck!!!! Should we be watching a chick flick instead of Halloween cartoons?

  3. You poor thing, I can totally relate. I’ve had dreams that Ryan’s had an affair and then brought the girl to the house and they acted like there was nothing wrong. I’ve had dreams of having a baby with a scary face and like jagged teeth- born with these teeth mind you, and wondered “how am I going to nurse?”. There are others that I’ve tried to just block out of my memory… but i feel ya. Seriously… I already HAD weird dreams before I got pregnant, but now they’re worse!

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