Dish Networst

Jeremy and I used to have a particular Dish service in our apartment.  I had DirecTV for about 6 years prior and loved it but we had gotten another deal with this other company and decided to try it out.  We had some minor problems for the year we had the dish but it wasn’t anything too bad.  Then we canceled.

Here at my parents they have HD DirecTV so there was no need for us to keep our service.  We were aware that we had a longer contract and we’d have to pay a small amount for the cancellation but it just wasn’t worth it for us to keep it.  It took 2 phone calls and about an hour and a half to get everything cancelled.  We were supposed to return some of the dish and the receiver but they were sending us a box for it so I wasn’t concerned.  They also checked the address with me multiple times for the correct forwarding address.  Then the problems started.  I was getting a bunch of calls from them asking us why we cancelled and if we would come back.  I finally let the last poor girl have it after I’d told two others before to take me off the list.  The calls stopped but then we started to get TONS of mail about signing up again.  Finally I realized that it’s been almost a month since I cancelled and we still don’t have a box to send stuff back.  I called a few nights ago and was told they sent the box to the old address.  I gave them the correct address again, I was assured this would fix the problem and was also told they would stop the mail flyers to our address.  I mean they obviously had the correct address for the forward if they are sending all the junk mail here to my name!!  ANYWAY… (oh yes it gets worse) We started to get threats of being sent to collections withing 7/5 days if they don’t get the equipment.  Of course these are recorded calls so I have to call back in to get someone on the line.  This morning was the straw that broke the camels back.

I called in and the young woman changed the address again, apparently the second box went to the wrong place as well.  Then after letting them know how ticked I was about it all I asked to speak to a supervisor about it so that I could let them know how disappointed I was.  After putting me on hold for 20 minutes the call was disconnected.  By this point I was livid and I told Jeremy to call back.  He got hung up on two more times (and if you know Jeremy you know he wasn’t rude, I was next to him one of the times and I was shocked).  Finally some kid got on the phone when we called back again and Jeremy made him stay on the line and told him everything AGAIN.  The kid just kept saying he’d check to make sure the address was correct, blah blah blah.  That he couldn’t transfer us to collections, yadda yadda, yadda…  FINALLY he said he could just email us a UPS label and we could send the stuff back that way!!! WHAT THE!  WHY did it take so many hours and phone calls for someone to mention this!!!!!!!!!  We got the label within 10 minutes and the stuff will be gone on Monday.

Dish Networst, way to make sure I will NEVER sign up with you again.  EVER EVER EVER EVER. (and I don’t advise it to others)

DirecTV you have worked with me so well with other issues you are our favorite choice always.  We are sorry we strayed.  It won’t happen again.

🙂  How is your day?


7 thoughts on “Dish Networst

  1. yikes! We actually considered them. Don’t think we will anymore! Hope that Monday will be the end of your nightmare.

  2. EEWWW-sorry! I hate those kind of phone calls…the ones where you think it’s okay, and YET it isn’t. 😦 We have Comcast but as you have read in the past…that was a nightmare last year. Since they have fixed the problem-no issues-good guys. 🙂

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