That is my favorite but Jeremy hates it.  SO I think we’ll end up with initials.  Something like Aaron Jacob (AJ) or J.T., J.C., J.R….. you get it.

Today’s been a good one.  A bit woozy today but otherwise great.  It’s been such an amazing day I wish Jeremy was home.  I would love to take a drive up the canyon.


7 thoughts on “Soren

  1. Thank goodness for Jeremy. How did you come up with a name like Soren for your favorite when you said you preferred Classic names with good nickname-ability? You gonna call him “Sore” for short? Maybe you could use Sore as the middle name and the first name could be “Open Ooozing”.

  2. I think we’ve got ours… but I’m not convinced it’s what I want yet. I really want to see our little guy first. SO FUN WE’RE BOTH HAVING BOYS!!!!!

  3. Soren???? Oh goodness gracious…thanyou for nixing that one Jeremy. Bobbie you knoe your mom shortens evry name….Sore just is BAD! Yep, stick with the initials, better choices there.

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