Ground Rules?

I’m not sure of the ground rules. If you can honestly come up with a name Jeremy doesn’t instantly find fault with you are the master winner! My ideas however are as follows:

  • I like traditional names. Jeremy’s last name is German, I’m Scottish, English, Irish, and Danish (muttish).
  • I do like being able to shorten it to a nickname. My family does it anyway so we might as well make it easy for them. I was Bobbie from the minute I was born, real name is Barbara for those of you that didn’t know. However I’m not apposed to un-nicknameable names.
  • Unique is good but not to the point of a lot of therapy. πŸ™‚ You understand I’m sure.
  • Out of the top 20 or so would be preferable. Jeremy was in the top when he was named and SWEARS he never had another Jeremy in his class, so I’m torn a little on this one.
  • Jeremy refuses to have it sound girly in any way.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ve been looking this morning and I like (so Far):

  • Juno (Jer said it as a joke, you know Jake and Uno mixed…. I LOVE it… he doesn’t)
  • Richard
  • Roderick
  • Roland
  • Galvin
  • Liam
  • Ronan
  • Diederik
  • Soran
  • Gunder

16 thoughts on “Ground Rules?

  1. How about Blaze, Beau, Kade, Kendrick, Dakota, Dirk, Carden or Tor (that was what Eric wanted to name one of the boys). He said that he could just hear a crowd cheering, “TOR, TOR, TOR!” Oh brother…

  2. OK while I’m not sure I agree with Eric or Harvey’s name ideas at LEAST they gave you guys ideas! UGH!!!! Jeremy is a stinker face when it comes to naming the baby. I’m just gonna put UNO on the birth certificate if he doesn’t help.

  3. Ok… I was rereading your list and I know Jeremy will say no to Blaze, Dakota (could be a girls name), and Tor… I don’t know about the others. Kade sounds like it might be popular right now?

  4. I have only known one Kade. I have heard of Kaden, but not Kade. My favorite is Dirk. It is still a strong name and sounds kind of ‘athletic’. Dirk Mauss…hmmmmmm. πŸ˜‰

  5. Okay..if you are going to use Kene Ramon at least spell it right. I also wanted Cameron Arthur and call him Cam. Let’s see there was Kip Leonard too, and I like the name Kade or Cade. That’s the way Colton’s friend spells it. He say’s there aren’t many Cades around. But how about intials…cal him J.C. for Jacob Cade Mauss. I think the kid is going to be soooo big that no one is ever going to tease him about his name.

  6. Well, I’m glad someone else’s suggestions were formally rejected. I was feeling kind of singled out. Here’s one if you want your kid to be feared: Riddick. Riddick Mauss, I’d be scared of him from day 1.

  7. Richard is a nice name and while I’m sure you’d shorten it to Rick or Rich or something along those lines, when he’s older, any time anyone is mad at him, they’ll just call him Dick. Ask Kristy about her step-dad sometime. I’d stay away from that one if at all possible.

    I liked your choice of Galvin, but I like Gavin even more. It just rolls off the tongue nicely, don’t you think? Plus, if his name is Galvin, what will you call him, GAL? No, that’s not AT ALL girly.

    Kade is a cool name. My nephew is actually named Cade, so I think it’s pretty adorable, but that’s me.

  8. Richard is OUT. Didn’t think about that one, same with Galvin. ugh….

    Jeremy is kind of keen on the J.C. thing the only thing I was thinking is that KK’s cousin who will be a few months older than ours is named Jayci. Maybe a J.R. instead? Hmmmm….

  9. Funny story… A coworker of mine had a baby boy and before he was born, she started announcing his name was to be Richard. I swear, EVERYONE would respond, “Richard?! Really?” Even after he was born people always visibly cringed.

    Weird, eh? I don’t think I had ever seen anyone react to a name like that before.

    (For the record, I think it’s “OK”… my father-in-law is a Richard.)

  10. And now to contribute something useful, here are some more German names for your consideration:

    Maximilian (Aww, Max. So cute.)
    Erich –I think Granola already suggested that one, but I like the “h” spin on it.

    A couple of English names I thought were cute: Thomas and Callum

    Oh, and a cute Swedish name: Oscar.

  11. If you like J.R. as a name and you want to use the Jacob since you like it so much, how about Jacob Robert Mauss. I like the way that sounds. Plus, Robert can be shortened to all kinds of things. Gives him a lot of flexibility when he’s older to choose what he’d like to be called.

  12. OR… I heard the name Christopher being tossed around earlier. What if you called him Christopher Jacob Mauss? Then you could call him C.J.. My old boss had a son she called C.J. and for the record he was very much a masculine jock-type.

  13. I love Liam. Pick that one. Good Irish name. Maybe I should do this for girls names ’cause I can’t come up with anything! I also wanted to suggest William, David, Benjamin, and Lincoln.
    And CWE, you had my same thoughts with Richard. HA!

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