I’m stuck with a baby name dilemma!  We were planning on naming little Uno Jacob (it’s his daddy’s middle name and also a great grandparents) but I have this thing about using popular names.  Maybe it’s because my name was never popular and so I NEVER had another Bobbie in my class.  I felt bad for all my friends named Sarah…. anyway…. I just found out that Jacob was the #1 boys name for the past 8 YEARS!  I can’t do it now…. I just can’t.  It makes sense, I wasn’t feeling the name Jake very much.

SO LET THE NAMING BEGIN.  Shoot me your ideas, no matter how random they are and Jeremy and I will get cracking on them.


24 thoughts on “OH NO!

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  2. Yeah, I noticed that as well about Jacob being number one. My husband gets to choose all of our boys’ names, and he is dead set on Jacob for our next boy, though I would like something else, but a pact is a pact.

    Honestly, WHY are boys so much harder to name than girls??

    Just out of curiosity, what are Uno’s grandfather’s names?

  3. Personally, I think Jeremy is a really cute boys name. To me, both Jeremy and Jacob sound like athletic names

    Some other boys names I like are

    Rob (hey, you could name him after YOU, Bobbie! How cute would that be??! Bobby would be so adorable.)

  4. Hi. Yes, me again. Just another thought:

    The whole Chris joke is actually pretty amusing… you should name him Christopher, but then call him Topher, not Chris. Then he’ll always have that funny story behind his name. 🙂

  5. How about Quinn? It means the wise… I thought about it when I was pregnant with the boys. Use it as a middle name but call him that…like Gregory Quinn Mauss. Just thinking out loud… 🙂

  6. Well, do you want a name you can shorten for a quick nickname? I’m just wondering because when you mentioned the name Jacob, you immediately said you weren’t feeling “Jake”. And the Christopher name seems to either mean you’ll call him Chris or Topher. So before I start thinking of names, do you need one that can have a snappy nickname?

  7. For example, I really like the name Caleb. And I think it has a similar cadence to Jacob. So if you already had a full name picked out and didn’t want to start from scratch, I think that Caleb could easily sub for Jacob when considering the cadence of the full name. However, there are no jock sounding nicknames for Caleb, so you’d either love the name and just call him that, or you could go by the middle name or make up a whole new nickname altogether.

  8. Or… if you don’t like “Jake”… what about Jack? There have been several bad ass male characters in recent TV roles with that name. Seems to be the new ultra-masculine name. But I’ve also seen the name for young boys recently, there was one in my nursery class and then another TV character baby with the name. TV likes the name Jack recently. But you don’t have to.

  9. OR… if you don’t like the cadence of a one syllable name for the full name, but you like Jack for a every day name, you could always go with “Jackson”… which I also like.

  10. We’ve got a couple that we like, although I feel like Ryan’s really set on one if it was a boy. But since we don’t know what we’re having until tomorrow- we decided to try and pick out two, three max, names and supposedly when we he/she comes into the world, then we can choose out of those names depending on what he/she looks like. We’re also struggling finding things that we BOTH like… it’s a pain in the butt. Then there’s the initials and making sure we don’t name (if a boy) him Adam Scott Smith… A.S.S. would be a horrible thing to do to a kid! But it’s such a good name! So what about Adam or Scott? Adam Mauss sounds really strong to me. Sometimes the name books are helpful, but at times to me a little overwhelming too. Especially when they have names like Bubba for a boy! Ha!

  11. I wish you luck on finding a name. I thought naming my Adam was the hardest because you don’t want to give him a name he is going to hate for the rest of his life or that is too feminine. You also have to worry about nicknames. Remember for every good nickname there is a really bad nick name out there as well. I think Kel has written a book on this one. Poor guy got stuck with both. He name was always mistaken for a girls name and he had some seriously horrible nicknames. Plus they need a strong name that will help carry them through jobs and life. Naming a boy is hard. Have you considered doing the Jr. thing and naming him Jeremy? I would steer clear of trendy but that is just me. Like you I had an original name, nobody else had it, but it was always constantly mispronounced. That can be the problem with European sounding name. I just read a book where the guy was named Marek which is the german form of Marcus. I stink at finding names. I wish I had a brilliant epiphany for you. (=

  12. For the life of me, I don’t know why, but the first name that came to my mind was Dexter. Different, but doesn’t sound bad with Mauss. Please no one ridicule me, this name came out of NOWHERE!

  13. We started with Marshall, then Kyle, and then finally brought a list of about 20 Norwegian names to the hospital, took one look at his face and knew. I think you can tell a lot by the face. All our names for the boy were of Norwegian origin, so if you like names like Axel, Gunner, Magnus, or Lars I can send you the list. Most of them are too werd for people, but Eric is always a classic. Good thing this one’s a girl, or she’d’ve been named Lief.

  14. i hated having to choose boys names! i had like 10 girls names picked out and get 2 boys. i also have the same issue with popular names. you know how many katie’s i went to school with. i hated being katie g. luckily there aren’t many bronson’s and garrett is getting a little more popular, but not near as popular as other boys names.

    good luck. i don’t really have any other suggestions for boys names at the moment. if i think of any i’ll let you know.

  15. Well…let’s see, you could still name him Jacob and just shroten it to Jay or how about Cob. Now that’s a name no one will have in his little third garde class, Cob!

    But how about Flint Thor….Lindor….Colt Python….Blade….those were names Harvey wanted for Colton.

    Or put the names together that you like Jacartory? I know, I’m so helpful! 🙂

  16. See, See!!! Yeah, that’s how it works, Kristin just makes fun of the names I come up with but she’ll NEVER suggest anything. Well hardly ever.

  17. MICHAEL SCOTT…I’m telling you it’s great. It would be the greatest where did your name come from story. Dwight…anyone, anyone? Although Michael has been in the top3 baby names for the past 56 years so maybe just Dwight Scott.

  18. HOLY COW…I like Keen Ramon! 😉 Wait…didn’t someone want to name their child that?!?! Okay…I have decided that you should give us more ground rules for suggesting names… 🙂

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