Flu? Really?

I couldn’t sleep well last night and have been awake off and on since 4:30am.  Fun eh?  I also have to keep getting off the phones while working to throw up.  I’m starting to think maybe this isn’t just due to the pregnancy but that I actually got the flu… ick.  My whole life I couldn’t ever throw up even when I wanted to because of being sick.  NOW thanks to pregnancy it’s like second nature.  THATS GROSS!

I just got off work so I’m going to crawl into my bed and die….


3 thoughts on “Flu? Really?

  1. Uhh just joking. I don’t think we will come over there tonight. Get better Bobbie!

    Oh and I feel your pain with the nerve thing now. Haha, my doctor said that I have the same thing. It is such a weird annoying pain in my lower back/upper butt/leg. Will thought that it was weird to massage me right there.

  2. Yeah, she’d be like, “No, lower, lower, the lower back.” Eventually I was like “Umm, this is basically your upper butt.”

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