Jack Frost

When I took the dogs outside this morning before work I was greeted by this scene:


Yes that’s right people, it’s ice on the steps in my parents back yard.  Winter is coming, everyone run for the beach!!  I’m sure this is confusing seeing as how I said yesterday how much I love the weather we’ve been having.  I love FALL weather, and SPRING weather but WINTER I could pass over most of the time.  Maybe a few days of snow, but not a few months.


6 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. I hate the snow….it’s wet and yucky and gets everything dirty and I get salt stains on my pants…need I go on..Yuck! stupid Kay in her no snow Oregon.

  2. Yeah… on my way to work this morning it was all rainy and kind of gloomy- but it reminded me a little of winter (even though it’s like 70 degrees out there)and I thought “I like Georgia in the winter”. It doesn’t snow HARDLY EVER and it gets cold- but it’s different. I miss the snow enough to get my fix of it when we go to UT for the holidays and then I’m good.

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