Disneyland Day #2


We got up early once again to hit the parks.  This time the Huntsmans, Griffee’s and Dad opted to relax and sleep in.  The rest of us had a rainy start.  The lines to get into the park were MUCH shorter even with it being Saturday.  I am assuming the rain kept some people away.  I would have been fine if it had drizzled all day but it did eventually clear up and the park got crowded in the afternoon.


We hit the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain and Winnie the Pooh early with no lines.  I love doing the parks when it’s not busy.  I’m spoiled I know, having worked for WDW it made it really easy for me to relax and enjoy the parks instead of being there during peak times.  Before going to Lunch we also road Mr. Toads, Peter Pan, and Dumbo.


For lunch we had tried to get reservations at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside Pirates) but never could.  Art and Steph decided to take matters into their own hands.  They waited for a while out front to see if there were any cancellations.  Other would come and ask but they stayed until finally they were able to get our entire group of 17 in.  We were so excited.  We all enjoyed the food and the kids loved that it looked like we were outside in the dark.  Mom and dad treated us to desert after our meal and I’m sure the picture speaks for it’s self, but KK LOVED the ice cream.


After lunch some of us headed over to California Adventure to watch the Aladdin show.  It was awesome.  Parker loved that an Elephant walked right down by him and the Genie was so funny.


We headed over to ride some of the Tomorrowland rides in the afternoon and for me that consisted of a lot of sitting and waiting for family.  While I’m glad we had the blessing of the ECV so that the baby was ok and my pain was not what it could have been.  It was hard to know where I wanted to go but be unable to slip past people to get there, and then no ride some of my favorites.  Jeremy and I can’t wait to go again after the baby is born and also hit a park with more coasters.


That evening we all got to see Fantasmic.  Having 3 of us in ECV’s made it so that everyone was able to sit in the wheelchair seating right up close.  It was so fun to hear all the kids talk about it after the show.  I’ve never done Disney with small children and it was a whole new experience.  The only one’s that weren’t there for Fantasmic were Dad, and the Huntsmans.  Poor Braxton had gotten sick so they headed back to the Hotel after dinner.



4 thoughts on “Disneyland Day #2

  1. Okay lady…you have done WDW with young kiddos. Uh…your cousins still talk about how cool it was to be with you. They still say you knew all the ‘cool stuff’ about WDW. 🙂

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