Disneyland Day #1

We all got up bright and early to catch the first shuttle from our hotel to the parks. There were some long lines to get in but we were all so excited I don’t think anyone cared at all. The first ride everyone decided to head to was the new submarine ride featuring Nemo. I waited outside the ride for everyone and boy was it a wait. I’m glad that we hit that ride first because the line was horrible and that was first thing in the morning! By the time we got everyone through that one ride we decided to head over to California Adventure. Once there we split up. Since a few of us couldn’t or didn’t want to ride the thrill rides we took all the kids to the little 3D shows and kids rides. I was bummed that I couldn’t ride the coasters and some of my Disney Favorites but it’s better to have little Uno be born in February and not during the weekend!



All of us met back up for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We were able to have our own little room and it was such a blessing that we didn’t have to worry about bothering the other guests. After watching the parade at Disneyland everyone decided to head back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the Halloween party that evening. I stuck around by myself at Disneyland and rode Pirates and the Haunted Mansion Holiday. The lines were long but since I had an Electronic Cart (ECV) it didn’t bother me because I could just sit and read while waiting.


I think the highlight of the day came when we all met up for the Halloween party at California Adventure. Everyone was in costume and we had a BLAST trick-or-treating and riding rides. It’s nice that they limit the tickets they sell because it made the whole evening so much more fun! Everyone got a huge kick out of Jeremy’s Burger King costume. At one point these little girls came up and chanted “Burger King, Burger King” over and over till he turned around. It was a hoot. One of my favorite things about the treats we could get all over the park is that they had packages of carrots, sliced apples, raisins and some fruit leather that you could ask for instead of the candy.


By the time we all left the park we were beat. While I thought I’d taken it pretty easy the contractions I had for about 3 hours that evening proved that I hadn’t taken it easy enough. We decided to take extra measures the next day and we rented our own ECV instead of sharing with mom and dad.


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