Maxwell Madhouse


Well the madhouse hit the sky today! That’s right, all of us (with the exception of Art who will join us this evening) flew to California today. We were nice enough to sit in the back of the plane so that everyone was together and the kids weren’t bugging anyone. It was a pretty good flight, well with the exception of the third person who sat by me and Jer. He was not huge, but also was not too small. We played Yatzee during the short flight so it was ok. We stopped once in Las Vegas, and it was actually nice because we didn’t have to get off the plane and that’s where Katy and Chad got on. Someone really smart must have booked those tickets… he he.


The hotel is awesome and considering that with all of us we have 6 rooms we are lucky to be close to eachother. I have some fun pictures from the hotel of everyone already but I forgot to bring my camera cable so they will have to wait.


Tonight we split into two groups for dinner and I can’t wait to hit Disneyland early tomorrow. You know I’ll be headed for Pirates ASAP! Here’s hoping the sciatica and other pregnancy related problems decide to take a few days off!


8 thoughts on “Maxwell Madhouse

  1. Don’t you see how much we love to hear about what’s going on? Most of us don’t think there’ll be a blog, but we check anyway.

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