Quick Break

We are watching conference today and since I haven’t blogged in a long time I decided to take a minute during the break in sessions to post a quick blog.

This week has gone by very quickly.  I spent 2 days or so in bed and today I’m feeling MUCH better.  I did work for a millisecond today, and it was refreshing.  I haven’t worked in a long time.  Since they have been slow and I’ve been sick, moving, sick, and just dealing with fun pregnancy stuff I’ve been enjoying the time off.  It won’t last.  Last September and early October were the same, quite slow.  Once People start to get ready for the Holidays it’s gonna pick right up again!  We’ve learned that I don’t have as much nerve pain when I’m mellow and not doing a lot.

This next week will be a great one!  On Wednesday morning we have our “big” ultrasound and then Thursday we head out for our family vacation at Disneyland!  It’s finally here.  I can’t thank the coolest people ever enough for watching our little doggies while we are gone.


4 thoughts on “Quick Break

  1. I am glad that you got someone to watch your dogs. I was worried for a while there.

    Humm Uno or Una? Dah Dah Dah….

  2. Wednesday is the big day, huh? That’s when you find out if you have a linemen or a model? Cool! I hope you blog before you leave on Thursday, That would be torture to keep us hanging for the week.

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