Going First Is Not Always a Good Thing

I was one of the first in the family to get the dreaded cold that has been floating around from person to person for the past month or so.  I figured it was a good thing.  Got it, got over it, move on.  I didn’t think it meant that I got it, got over it, moved on, got it again!  Yesterday I knew I just didn’t fell ok.  Today I wanted to stay in bed all afternoon.  Problem is that my room gets very bright and very hot and so it wasn’t a great option.  The light headedness has been fun but other than that I’m hoping I don’t have it as bad as I did last time.

Other than the dreaded cold repeat, life has been pretty good.  Jeremy is back, and I can’t tell you how much I love seeing him.  I should be getting more unpacking done but currently some things are up in the air again and I don’t want to unpack everything only to repack it again in a few weeks.  While Jeremy’s interview went well (no he hasn’t heard back from them yet) we aren’t sure the money they are starting at is enough for us to get by.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure it’s not.  However it is an amazing opportunity so we have some praying to do.

The dogs seem to be adjusting ok to always being here.  We have our problems now and then but all in all it’s going much better than I thought.  Brighton has dubbed Daisy as his dog and Parker calls Max his.  Jeremy is fine with that, he says he can’t wait to show them how to clean up after “their” dogs in the back yard.  Daisy is a hoot, and follows Brighton around a lot.  It could be that he’ll eat half of something and then think it’s a good idea to feed the rest to Daisy.  Both dogs have also learned that mom and dad’s window’s are low enough that they can jump up and sit in the sills.  Like a cat.  I find it quite funny.  I’ll have to get a picture to post.


3 thoughts on “Going First Is Not Always a Good Thing

  1. Um, I might have to get the boys to un-adopt the dogs, I am not sure they would be very good at poop duty. I am imaging something very messy and very yucky!

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