Holy Macaroni Batman

When we go to Disneyland in a week and a half we have to find somewhere for Max and Daisy.  All of our ‘normal’ dog sitter type people will be there with us, (aka family).  I have called and checked on a few places to board them and WOWZER.  For both of them it’s quite expensive.  I was expecting it to be pricey but uh wow.  SOOOOO here is my offer if anyone is interested, before I make a reservation for them at a kennel.  We would be willing to pay a loving friend or cousin money to watch the two of them, rather than sticking them in some random kennel.  If you are interested shoot me an e-mail and I’ll let you know details. 

 Jeremy is in Houston right now.  I had finally gotten the days off so that I could go with him but then started to have some more fun pregnancy stuff and we decided that it probably wasn’t best for me to go.  I’m praying things clear up a bit before Disneyland.  We are getting anxious for out big ultrasound to find out that things are ok, and to know if Uno is a boy or girl.  I think it’s a girl but there is a woman in our ward that is positive it’s a boy. 


5 thoughts on “Holy Macaroni Batman

  1. I have done the kennel thing and yeah they charge a TON. I am so glad I have a roomie with critters. We just swap sitting.

    I will email you, but if you don’t find someone more comfortable for them, like somebody Daisy and Max knows, I would be happy to play!

  2. Get to feeling better lady! I think mine’s a girl too and so does Ryan… my mother in-law is the ONLY one that thinks it’s a boy. And my mom keeps calling it “she” or “her”! It’s funny. I’d secretly like to have a boy, but either way we’ll obviously be happy!

  3. If Holly lived closer..you’re doggies could hang with her. ; )

    I thought Sierra was a girl too. I’m have no clue about baby Uno. I guess we just want healthy, huh?

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