Daisy Bee Careful!

Yesterday afternoon was quite an exciting one.  I was in the back yard with the dogs when Daisy got stung by a bee.  I’ve had other dogs get stung.  At worse they swell up a little at the sting site, and later we laugh about them learning not to bother bee’s.  Yesterday was quite different.  Within 2 minutes Daisy had thrown up.  Then I put her inside so I could clean up, not thinking it had anything to do with the sting, and she proceeded to throw up inside multiple times (sorry you stepped in it Steph… ewww).  Once we got her back outside she ran down to the bottom yard and threw up again, then had diarrhea.  (Sorry TMI I know) After all this she laid down in the grass and wouldn’t move.  Dad went to check on her while I was cleaning up and she wouldn’t even pick her head up to look at him.  I called the Vet asap and they had us bring her right down.  Her little tongue was just hanging out of her mouth and her eyes were so glossy.  I thought for sure she was a goner.  On the way there I FINALLY found the stinger on the soft underside of her ear.  We got it out and she started to perk up a little.  By the time we left the Vet’s office she was almost normal.  Subdued, but alive.  Apparently she’s allergic (duh) to bee’s.  She’d gone into Anaphylactic shock and now we have an EpiPen Jr. for her in the house.  It wouldn’t be so nerve wracking if dad weren’t a bee keeper.  😦

That was our exciting day.  I took some pictures.  There is one of where she got stung and then a few of her recovery.  I obviously wasn’t in the mood for snapping away when we thought she was dieing.  Weird, I know.



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