Be Thou Humble

Yesterday was a long and very humbling day. We had a doctor’s appointment for the baby that didn’t go extremely well. You can read more about it on my pregnancy blog. As far as the sex of the baby, we will find out on October 10th.

In the evening we were blessed so much by the help of Steph, Mom, Bryan, Melissa and Michael. The apartment was a mess. That’s what happens when you don’t keep it as clean as you should and then you are sick for multiple months and you just don’t get things done, or packed like you should. Everyone showed up around 7pm and we had the entire place packed and everything out of the apartment by 10pm!! I was in shock. Mom said she was amazed at how fast everything got done. I said the Humility will last forever. I can’t thank everyone enough. I can’t forget Will and Kristin who helped out with getting us some boxes and watching Steph’s boys for the night, and Mickie who supplied boxes for us as well. Tomorrow I plan on going up and getting everything cleaned, but that should only take a few hours as well. My heart is so full, and I can’t thank you all enough! Especially Steph, who has helped more than anyone could ask. She has not only had to move her own things around the house but she’s helped by multiple painting jobs, helping clear out the two rooms we will be in at mom and dad’s, and all this with two small children! Not to mention the numerous errands and Dr’s appointments she’s gone to with me. She’s such an amazing person. A big thank also to Trish who loaned us her Husband for the evening, and the help Katy and Chad gave while they were here for the weekend. We are SO thankful.

7 thoughts on “Be Thou Humble

  1. Glad things are working out for you guys. Doesn’t it feel nice to finally be out in one big shot. Let us know if we can help any more.

  2. I already told you that you owe me forever….kissing up just is not going to take that debt away Bobbie. Just kidding. Glad I can be here to help!

  3. I didn’t know you had a pregnancy blog… I will likely follow that one even though I will probably mostly respond “umm… OUCH?” a lot as that is my general response to the entire process until they turn, like, 3.

  4. Hey! We’ll be finding out what our little number ones are about two weeks apart from each other! That’s pretty exciting! i’m glad all is well, keep your chin up! The Lord loves you three and will watch over you.

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