Stuck In The Middle With You

We are starting to get things moved.  All the office stuff is now at mom and dad’s.  I actually have a real office now.  Shutting door and all!  I’m sure this isn’t exciting to all of you but to me it’s awesome.

We still have quite a bit to do but I have the next few days off to do it.  I can’t thank Steph, Melissa, Mom and Dad for all they have done to help us.  I know there has been a lot going on recently and I appreciate it so much.

Don’t you love feeling stuck in between?  Currently Jeremy and I feel that way.  Since most stuff is still at the apartment but there has been a lot to do at the house it’s hard to know exactly where to call home at the minute.  I’ll be so excited when it’s all done!


8 thoughts on “Stuck In The Middle With You

  1. I am so excited for you to finish. Things are looking really good. I was so impressed with what you guys have done with your parents house.

  2. Oh, Bobbie, I work from home too. An office with a door is heaven … I gave up mine for my stepdaughter, which is okay and I’d do it again in a minute, but I really really miss having an office.

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