T-Shirts Anyone?

It took quite a bit longer to pack up our clothes than we had anticipated.  I could have been that once Jeremy told me he’d gone through his clothes and gotten rid of stuff we went back over them with me there and got rid of a TON more.  So far there are 4 garbage bags full of our clothes ready to go to DI.  I didn’t even know that we had that many clothes.  Jeremy’s T-shirts are much fewer in number, but I still lost a few battles.  🙂

We did tackle about 5 months worth or bills, medical and other misc. papers that needed to be filed.  It wasn’t on the agenda last night but it felt good to get it taken care of.  It’s been hard to have the ‘office’ area in the same place as the family room/kitchen in this little apartment.  Not to mention that our ‘computer desk’ is very small and not able to handle a lot.

My goal this afternoon is to finish up the clothes.  Get all the food out of the kitchen and ready to take to mom and dad’s tonight, and pack up the computer stuff to get it down there as well.  Oh the joys of yet another busy busy day.


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