Our Qwest

After spending almost 2 hours on my cell phone with our phone company yesterday trying to get our SLC number moved to Utah county I finally tracked down a coworker that lived out of area who gave me a contact within Qwest. Francisco, in Idaho. I was a bit skeptical, after spending so much time with two other agents, that this guy in Idaho would help at all. I called him around 6pm last night and within 15 min I got a call back telling me he’d help me at 7am. I didn’t actually think he would call right at 7am but I shouldn’t have doubted the amazing Francisco! He called at 7am sharp, and had everything taken care of within the hour. I was in shock. His service was amazing and I am so grateful for his help after being so disheartened yesterday.


The problem was that for work I have to have a SLC phone number but in Utah county, and it has to be a hard line. The agent yesterday was telling me that I would have to have two bills for two lines and then long distance call forwarding from the one to the other. This would result in a HUGE phone bill obviously so it just didn’t sound right to me. Francisco said that it was part true, two numbers but one bill and they have a set monthly fee for the forwarding, no long distance involved. That was a huge relief. I could only imagine what that would have cost each month!

I often forget about all the little things when you move. The Power, Gas, Phone, etc that needs to be set up to disconnect. Final bills for things, connection fees. You know the joys.

The moving plan is to be all done and into mom and dad’s house by Thursday next week. I will be doing a test run for work at my parents on Saturday Morning and if all goes well then I’ll be set to start working from there from now on. I still have to pack up our kitchen and we need to sort through clothes and get rid of a lot of stuff. Other than that I believe we are packed up. Moving the computer and resetting my stuff for work will be the biggest worry I have till next week. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Our Qwest

  1. Fransisco… That’s fun to say! Fransisco. 🙂

    seriously though, this guy sounds awesome. i love it when i finally get to talk to someone helpful.

    i hate dealing with moving stuff. that’s why my cell phone is still a compton number after not living in california for 4 years. lol.

    one good thing about being military… they came and packed everything for us. all i did was sit on the couch and order pizza for them for lunch.

  2. I wish I had the name Fransisco… 😦 okay not really.

    I am glad to hear that things finally worked out for your phone bill. I hate having to deal with those “sly” agents that just want to wrap you in so much stuff you’ll never find your way out!

    I guess we will see you at your parents this weekend.

    Good luck with moving.


  3. I will miss you and if you need help in the mornings just tell me cuz I don’t work until 3 pm. Also, HI KATIE! (We’re cousins, you know!)

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