It Keeps Going, and Going…



This cold won’t go away. I wake up every morning sounding the same, like a man. I think most of the congestion is going away now and it’s just leaving me with a pretty bad cough. Here’s hoping it’ll be over soon. Good news is that because it’s been so slow at work I’ve been able to work about 20 min before they tell me I can have the day off. Today they let me know right before I was supposed to start. It’s a good thing too because I had no voice at all this morning.





The funny thing about being sick around the dogs is that they are being really good. I think they sense I’m not feeling well. When I’m in bed or laying on the couch they’ve just been sleeping next to me and it’s kind of a comfort.


2 thoughts on “It Keeps Going, and Going…

  1. My doggy does that too. The days I’ve stayed home with the morning sickness she’ll just lay on the bed or on the couch with me the whole time. She doesn’t get hyper until the man comes home! I really do believe they sense it- it’s quite weird but also comforting. Doggies are amazing!
    PS- I hope you feel better!

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