Freaking Crazy Guy

Last night Will came over to my parents house and we taught Trish and Steph how to play Killer Bunnies.  After the first game with just the four of us Dad joined in the fun.  Now it was really late, we were laughing at almost anything.  I say almost because dad kept making the worst jokes ever.  Not funny at all.  Poor Steph was sitting next to him and at one point told him he was a “Freaking Crazy Guy”.  The venom in her voice was so funny.  Needless to say it was a fun evening.  After Will left we played one more game and taught Michael how to play.  We should have gone to bed instead.  The game finally ended after 2am and we were all so tired at the end it wasn’t even fun.  I dreamt about playing ALL NIGHT!  I guess I’m ready for tonight.

Jeremy couldn’t come last night so we are all playing again tonight.  If anyone wants to drive down to Utah County your welcome to join us!  🙂


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