Back to our Old, New Ward

The day started off with both dogs running away.  I have learned not to fret too much about Max, he may come back dirty but he will come back.  Daisy on the other hand has never run off and not been found immediately.  About 45 min after they took off I called Daisy in the front yard and she came running.  Apparently she had just been in the neighbors yard playing with their dogs.  Max on the other hand took a while longer to come home.  Thanks to their antic’s I missed half of Sacrament meeting.

Jeremy and I transfered our records today back down to my parents ward.  Jeremy also got his new snazzy barcoded temple recommend.  Such an eventful day.  Pregnancy/Sickness wise it was a bad day.  I’ve become very well acquainted with the maroon and pink and white tiles in the womens restroom.  I’m contemplating bringing a pillow to church next week.  I figure it could double as a seat cushion or a kneeling pad for the bathroom!  I’m so smart.  I am proud to say that I made it through all 3 hours.  It was touch and go for a while but I did it.  I’ve decided one of the worst feelings in the world however is when you think you are about to pass out and you are super nausious at the same time.  It was scary for me the thought of not making it to the bathroom, OR passing out in my dress at the church and having some poor primary class finding me in the hall.  OR the worst would be a combo of BOTH.

Aren’t you all so glad I blog.  HA HA.  Love you!

Almost forgot.  Our car now looks awesome, as clean as the first day I got it.  For those of you that asked we got it done at Supersonic Car Wash in Murray.  There is one in Orem too I know.  We got Jeremy’s old car done there right before we sold it and I’m amazed with how well they have done both of them.  I wish I’d taken before an after photo’s.


4 thoughts on “Back to our Old, New Ward

  1. I’m glad to know that I’m not the ONLY one that has a hard time making it through all three meetings! It’s getting better though- I even made it through RS with a GROWLING tummy yesterday, but man- no one knows who we are because it’s been so tough to go or stay past Sunday School!
    And funny you mention your doggies running away- OURS DID TOO! But luckily, she felt guilty when she saw the dad running to get her and came back.

  2. Oh…can I tell you stories of passing out! They had to call Cary to the grocery store so many times to get me after I passed out, that they then banned me from going into Store House Market alone!

    I’m glad you get to go to church though!

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