Fat and happy?

The Nectarine jam turned out much better than I thought it would.

While I was praying that while I was pregnant I wouldn’t have to deal with any kind of depression I was wrong.  The past few days have been so hard.  Being big my whole life I’ve had to deal with esteem issues off an on through out the years.  Getting bigger so quickly is more emotionally painful than I though it would be.  Seeing a photo or catching a glimpse in the mirror is striking a very sour cord.  On top of that there are the normal worries of becoming a parent and constant fear that something will still go wrong with the pregnancy.  It’s a part of life, but right now it’s a bit emotionally painful.


7 thoughts on “Fat and happy?

  1. I think that first part of being pregnant is hard on us all, weather you have delt with weight issues your whole life or not. For the frist 5 months I was very selfconcius of my belly as well. It does get better. The nice thing is that it will go away 🙂

  2. Hang in there. It is hard but worth it in the end. Just keep your chin up and know that you are loved. And if you need anything we are always here. (=

  3. I’m feeling pretty hunky too. Especially because I’m so short and everything is starting to poke out whether or not I want it to. Plus people keep looking at me trying to figure out whether or not I really am pregnant or just chunky wearing some maternity looking shirts. I guess I’ve decided not to care too much though because what I have going on in my body is the most miraculous and awesome thing ever. Keep your head up lady!

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