He Might Think You’re Cute!

Saturday evening I headed over to Mickie’s house for a little family ‘spa’ party.  We played with my Mary Kay samples and everyone got their toe nails painted.  My cousin is a master toe nail artist! (yes I just made that up) In all seriousness she can paint the most amazing things on people’s toes.  I didn’t have my camera, other than my cell phone, so I’ll have to get pictures of toes later from others and show you all.

I did take one picture with my camera after my make over.  Some of us decided to go all out for our little make overs.  I did the DARK brown lips, and my cousin did teal eye shadow with coral pink lip stick.  We were looking pretty hot!  Well after making myself look like a tramp I was putting make up on my niece.  She’s 4 years old.  She looks at me and says “Bobbie, you know if you keep the make up on so Jeremy can see it later he might think your cute.”  We all couldn’t help but laugh.  I tried to take a picture with my phone but the lights washed out the colors and I semi-look normal.


Last night I went to a friend’s in Provo and we watched the first disc of the BBC Version of Pride and Prejudice.  I love that show.  It was so fun to get out of the house two days in a row!


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