Killer Bunnies and Blackberries

Last night Jeremy and I taught my dad how to play Killer Bunnies. I wasn’t sure if he’d take to it or not but I shouldn’t have doubted. He was SO FUNNY to play with. It was actually a pretty long game. He can’t wait to play with more people. He likes to try and bend the rules already so we had to be strict with him. I was a bit worried about him when he managed to kill off his first 3 bunnies by himself, but he caught on quickly after that painful lesson.


I took a picture at the start of our game with my Blackberry (sorry it’s dark so not a great pic). While I was pulling that picture off I also found all kinds of pictures I didn’t know were on there. I will put the ones Kailye (my niece) took with my phone first:


These were all taken in April on a weekend away in St George.  Just some of the girls, Dad and Braxton.


Here are random ones I’ve taken:



Highlights are Parker eating a HUGE spoon of cookie dough, and making faces.  Kailye making her lovely ‘pick my nose during a picture’ face. Killer Bunnies with the Wu’s.  Holly and I in California.  Dad sleeping and well, not sleeping.  Jeremy and Bright. The dogs. And a few from Mexico with Brighton in the car and the Sunset.


4 thoughts on “Killer Bunnies and Blackberries

  1. We are free pretty much any night, so we are up for playing killer bunnies with you guys and Ray to make the group bigger. I am glad that he liked the game!

    Fun pics!

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