Getting Used to the Pain

That’s pretty much my only option.  The “back pain” I have been having isn’t technically all back pain.  The new shooting pains are actually from my Sciatic Nerve.  The Doctor says that the Uterus is putting pressure on it and that there won’t be much relief for quite a while.  He gave me this sad little look that said “I’m so sorry it’s starting so early” and told me that Tylenol is the strongest thing I can take.  While sometimes it has me in tears, it’s still worth it.  The baby is doing great!  Last night baby Uno was moving around so much that I still couldn’t get to sleep at 3am!  I am assuming this will be good training.


 Today Jeremy has the day off so we are enjoying spending time with Steph and the boys in Utah County for a little while before we have to head home so I can work this afternoon.

On a side note, Jeremy and I were thinking of starting a “game night”.  If anyone is interested in joining us let me know!


8 thoughts on “Getting Used to the Pain

  1. I had sciatica issues at one point. I ended up taking some homeopathic spray for it and BAM, it was gone. If you can find a bottle of Sciataplex, GET IT. If you can’t, come over and borrow ours for a while.

  2. What a bummer about the back pain.

    Will and I are in for game night. We love playing games. I am suprised he hasn’t commented yet.

    What shift did you end up getting? Is it a better on then before?

  3. Bob, I love your picture inserts. I was actaully wondering where the heck a sciatic nerve was. Didn’t Linda have troubles with that too? Blame her! 😉

    We can throw an Oregon game night in there too?

  4. Yes Kay, apparently mom did have problems with her sciatic nerves with all 4 kids. We have always been getting on her Nerves… HA HA HA. 😉 Fun to look forward to.

  5. My mom has problems with this almost daily because of that flesh eating bacteria she had…she might have some ideas to help.

  6. If it’s from the pregnancy, there’s a chance your sciatica will just go away on its own, even before you have the baby. I had terrible pain in my left leg and buttocks for months and couldn’t do anything for it. But it magically went away and hasn’t come back yet (knock on wood).

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