Ticket 2 Ride

Yesterday Jer and I got a new game called Ticket to Ride.  It was more fun than I thought it would be and didn’t take too long to play a few games.  I realized late last night that they had a website so I logged on to play virtually after Jeremy went to bed.  I was up till 3am playing!  Good thing it’s not one I can play while I’m working.  🙂


 We went to see Stardust again last night.  Well Jeremy had never seen it so I guess it’s not ‘again’ for him.  We met a lot of my cousins and family there.  We were ALL late.  Dad didn’t think we needed to be there early to get seats because it has been out for a little while now.  WRONG.  The theater was PACKED.  We ended up sitting on the very front row.  I still liked it.  After the movie we went to Bucca for dinner.  OHHHH it was so good.  Funny too, especially when a large order of garlic bread got dropped on my uncle.

OH also the Killer Bunnies we got cheap on ebay came today!  WAHOO!


6 thoughts on “Ticket 2 Ride

  1. I started to play ticket to ride online, but had to stop because I found that I was ignoring Jason. Woops. Fun game though.

  2. I’ve played both those games! (FYI this is Chad) my family loves games so… but they are both interesting games have fun

  3. Sure, you “could” bring it over. C’mon, this is the Wu’s you’re talking about! We’ve got the game plus its 2 sequels. The 1st one is still our favorite. Who knows where cities in Germany are!?!

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