My Dog Could Work the Cat Walk


No that isn’t Max in her arms but it looks JUST like him (when we pay to have him groomed that is. )

Max is a bit of a Diva… maybe I’ve found his new calling.



14 thoughts on “My Dog Could Work the Cat Walk

  1. Wow! What a cute dress…..(from the waist down)
    Maybe they ran out of the pretty red material and had to finish up with what they had left of some gastly gold stuff. But they only had these two little pieces, so they did the best they could.

    Yep, put Max in front of the whole….:)

  2. Max would be perfect for the runway! I am stearing clear of the other comments…I have embarassed Will enough the last 2 weeks with me ‘bra talk’! 🙂

  3. Okay, what confuses me is, I can see what the homan is wearing (or rather NOT so much wearing) but what is MAX wearing?!

    Because you might want to check with him if he would mind that kind of silliness before signing him up, even if he COULD rake in the dough with his doggie looks.

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