Injustice Will Never Really Triumph…

I am an emotional being.  Just an FYI for those of you that didn’t know that.  There was a time in my life when my emotions ruled me, I rule them more and more now days.  Every once in a while things seem to collide and it leaves me in a heap of prayers and tears.

Miners, Peru, Hurricanes

I hope  my grandfather doesn’t mind but I am going to post most of his email from Lima last night.  It touched me and I felt the need to share.

“The scale of the disaster is still being assessed -520 deaths and rising, billions in property damage, and lives that have been changed forever.  There as of this moment 8 deaths among members, no missionaries injured, and minor damage to church buildings in the hardest hit towns.

The tragic events have again demonstrated the best and worst in the human race.  There are untold stories of heroism, sacrifice and courage to save others in the face of staggering odds.  No electricity, water, medicines, food, clothing, etc. and people homeless, living out of doors in very cold weather.  Doctors and nurses battling to keep the injured from deaths door and those of the armed forces struggling to maintain order.

The other side of the picture is ugly and grotesque.  Looters stealing from relief efforts, road blocks on the out skirts of towns where thieves steal supplies on the way to the suffering and poor, families fighting each other in cemeteries for space to bury their dead.

It is at such a times that Mom and I are most proud to members of our Church.  The chapels and stake centers are islands of refuge and order amidst this chaos.   The building suffered little damage giving evidence of how well the Church constructs its buildings.  Two large trucks were sent from Lima from the Bishop’s store house and should have arrived this afternoon if they were not intercepted by thugs.  A 747 loaded with water, food, clothing medicine and first aide kits will arrived Sunday to be met by the first lady of Peru and the Area Presidency.  The high profile of the reception committee is expected to see that it is received and distributed by members of the Church and other trusted citizens.

Our hearts go out to the thousands whose life will never be the same, but injustice will never really triumph and death is not the end but the beginning” – Arthur F. Coombs


4 thoughts on “Injustice Will Never Really Triumph…

  1. Thanks for finding a flight for Steph and the boys. That’s one less thing think about!

    I am actaully excited to go down to Lima in two weeks. I’m not sure what the trip will bring, but I know they will still be hungry for tourists who spend $$ to build their economy.

  2. It was hard to read Grandpa’s email about the earthquake. It makes me go to my kness constantly and thank my Heavenly Father for all we have. LOVE YOU!

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