Work… hurricanes and earthquakes makes for a very VERY busy work day.

Home… Still a mess, and now I’m wondering how I’ll ever get it all done.

Baby… I wish baby Uno would just not make me ill for 73 hours so I can get caught up and maybe eat some food.


5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. I like that it’s name is Uno fight now. You should keep it that and have, like, a theme. Your next kid could be Bunco, another could be Racko, another maybe just Poker, I dunno…

  2. Ha ha, you are the second person today to mention the card game. I’d never even thought about Uno being a card game and not the number one in spanish till today.

  3. Well, the GOOD news is that stress hormones you produce while working and such are actually really good for your baby! Uno’s gonna have a nice immune system!

    Sorry you’re having a rough time. I totally know how the first trimester feels… awful! Soon, though, you’ll figure out what it is that triggers vomiting and you’ll find your own personal tricks for avoiding it. It varies for each mommy.

    Oh, and also, I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re experiencing this in the summer and not around Christmas. Oh my heavens, it still makes me nauseous to smell a Christmas tree! Seriously, every time we walked into our apartment, even MONTHS after the tree had been long gone, I had to stop to throw up in the bushes before even coming inside because I could still smell it! Crazy, eh?

  4. PS I forgot that I wanted to tell you that it’s ALL worth it! The crazy emotions, the crying, the throwing up…

    Man, when you see your teensy baby after birth, you’ll be excited to do it all over again!

    I look at my kidlet today and I get so overwhelmed with how beautiful he is. It’s like looking at the most gorgeous sunset or tropical locale.

    You’re going to LOVE being a mom!

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