Yet Another Reason

This apartment community is starting to drive me bonkers.  Jeremy went in today to let them know we would be moving out when our lease is up on the 30th of September.  They let him know that they do an apartment inspection within 7 days of us letting them know.  Jeremy told them they could come next Monday.  I’m in a bit of a panic now.

You have heard me comment that the apartment is a mess, well it’s SO MESSY.  Since the first trimester was so horrible I didn’t do ANY cleaning or even straightening.  I’ve been playing catch up since then.  I have about 3 months worth of Laundry to do and even the suitcases I used for Mexico are sitting out still.  I had figured it’s not a big deal, that I’d clean up while packing since things always get dirty and messy when you pack and move.  That lovely novelty is GONE!  Jeremy says they are only really coming to look at the carpets to see if they will need to replace them (they should have done it before, they are HORRIBLE).  I don’t care if they are only coming to look at the ceilings, I don’t want them to walk into a horribly messy apartment.


It’s Fall cleaning time.  Good thing I have the next two days off, because it will be spent scrub-a-dub-dubbing.  I hope to pack along the way too.  I sent two boxes of books home with mom and dad the other day, now I only have about 70 more boxes of stuff to pack and move.   If you guys are bored at all in the next two days just stop on by!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason

  1. Well I can get you more boxes if you need them! I would say I can come over for lunch today but I have a dentist appointment and i have to leave early, hmmmm… well i can still give you more boxes. Let me know!

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