Pick Me Up

Thank you Heather for such a great idea, again.  Since it’s been one of those weeks I decided that this would be a great idea.  Isn’t it awesome how the world doesn’t stop to see how you are doing emotionally before changing?  Bridges, Miners, death, family Drama, problem calls with work… it’s all been around the past few weeks and I’ve decided it’s time for a pick me up!  There are so many wonderful things in this world that make me smile and it’s time I took notice again.

  • A pregnancy that is sticking around
  • Jeremy (need I say more, he’s amazing)
  • Siblings that I love, no matter what
  • Parents that love us all, even if we are all crazy
  • Daisy, that Jack Russell Terrier has a firm grip on my heart.
  • Max, moody as he might be my fluffy dog can sure cuddle.
  • Travel, we are so blessed!
  • Fresh Peaches
  • Cool fall and spring days
  •  Swimming
  • Camping (even if I haven’t been in a while)
  • My bed (it’s SO comfortable)
  • Church, it’s awesome to refill your cup every week
  • The color of the water in Cozumel, and how it matches my nephews eyes!
  • Gelato
  • Books
  • Did I mention that I’m still pregnant!!!
  • Good Chocolate
  • Small acts of kindness
  • Disney (land, world, whatever it makes me happy)
  • Knowing how much my parents still love each-other
  • Old Photographs
  • Family Gatherings
  • Letters… real mail, not bills.
  • Old Friends
  • The stars from the canyons away from city lights
  • Riding a Motorcycle
  • Looking at “Babuagna’s” with Parks (Iguana’s FYI) and having him tell me over and over that I’m his best friend.
  • Hearing Bright say “Boat a boat a boat a boat..” while driving by the water in Cozumel.
  • Watching KK grow up and constantly laughing at her antic’s.
  • Being able to see Braxton playing with the Dogs and giggling.
  • (guess I could have just put, all my nieces and nephew’s)
  • Laying on the grass watching the clouds
  • The dog park

I could go on forever but I think you get the general idea.  I also wanted to leave a movie review:

We went and saw ‘Stardust’ last night and it was truly awesome!  I believe it’s my favorite of the summer.  It’s a fun story, great cast, amazing cinematography and all of us really enjoyed it.  Mom made the comment that she thinks it’s the new ‘Princess Bride’ for the next generation.  I guess that’s a possibility but I enjoyed this movie much more than I ever liked the Princess Bride.   I would recommend it to everyone I know.



8 thoughts on “Pick Me Up

  1. You forgot to mention the coolest sister-in-law in the world;-) I have not even heard of Stardust. Guess I will catch it on video someday! It’s nice to see all the things that are good, isn’t it?

  2. And ME as your favorite, cutest Aunt! Sorry Holly beat ya to it! (I’ll slip you the 20 next time I see you)

    Harvey wants to go see it, I guess if it ranks up there with Princess Bride, I best!

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