It Was Nothing!

The problem with me stressing over things is that quite often it is nothing to worry about and after a day or two of stress I find that out.  Today I found out that yesterdays stressfest was just a waste of time and health.  🙂


 GOOD NEWS: We are going to Disneyland with my whole family in October.  This is a big deal for us.  We haven’t all been on a family vacation since I was married to Thomas.  Granted I won’t be able to ride some of my all time favorites but there is still a lot I will be able to do.  Katy is preggo also, so at least we can hang out together and watch all the chillins while everyone else goes on the big rides.  I figure we’ll probably get good at waiting in lines for character’s autographs with the little ones.  I can’t wait.  Another reason I can’t wait is because I’ve never been with Jeremy to anything Disneyish, and he’s never ridden Pirates!  SHOCKER I KNOW!  Poor kid… we’ll fix him.


We are going to be there a few weeks before Halloween and since the boy’s won’t get a real Halloween in Mexico we are going to do the Disneyland trick-or-treating one night we are there.  It’s going to be a blast with everyone.  Jeremy and I already have our costumes figured out thanks to some idea’s from Steph.  he he.  I’m excited to show my family the Haunted Mansions “Haunted Holiday” version of the ride.  It’s a lot of fun!  YEA FOR HALLOWEEN!


7 thoughts on “It Was Nothing!

  1. If you are going to the not so scary halloween thing, try not to get bit by a spider this time 🙂

    You remeber that?

  2. That was horrible! They had to call the paramedic’s, remember? I’d almost forgotten. Apparently they don’t call it the same thing at Disneyland as WDW but I’m hoping it’ll be close to the same.

  3. i miss disneyland. when todd and i got married he had never been to disneyland. at all! this boggled my mind considering that i had grown up 20 minutes away from the park, been an annual passholder for 10 years and even worked there for a short period of time. we went as part of our honeymoon. todd wasn’t impressed. i think there’s something wrong with him.

  4. Ya I have dreams about WDW all the time. Jeremy isn’t really keen on Disney but I’ll convert him yet, he’ll have so much fun with my family he won’t be able to help it!

  5. I am getting so excited, I might not make it two months:) Um, don’t forget that Art and I probably won’t go on the big rides either:) You are welcome for the costume ideas! I told Art what I wanted to do for the boys and he loved it, so don’t be shocked if he is one too!

  6. Jeremy came with us to DisneyWorld a few years ago and had a horrible time…I think he was expecting rollercoasters and well Disney isn’t about roller coasters. Hopefully he will have fun this time.

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