Let it Go

I have a hard time letting things go. Those of you that know me well are saying “duh” right now, but tonight has been one of those ‘Bobbie, just let it go’ nights. I did something stupid without thinking about it this afternoon and all day I’ve been fretting about it. I probably don’t even need to worry or freak out about it, it’s honestly probably not even a big deal… but I’m obsessing. It’s got me thinking. WHY can’t I just let things go. I have a long list of being able to let things go. Even when I got a bad grade in school I would get all upset about it, unable to step past it. It’s pretty dang frustrating.

My goal tonight is to get so involved reading a book that maybe my mind will slow down and I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming of things I’ve never let go…. 😦

Any other suggestions for letting things go?


4 thoughts on “Let it Go

  1. Oh, I like that comment. I was just going to say that I feel your pain, I do the same thing, but I like the advice in the last comment better:) Your brother gets after me all the time for not letting things go that I cannot control (like he is really one to talk:))

  2. I wish I had a suggestion, but alas, I am the same way-obviuosly in our genes. Hang in there… I AM learning the older I get-the better it becomes…I tend to let it go more. 🙂

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