The Baby Has Toes

The Doctor did two ultrasounds today to make sure everything was ok.  External, and internal.  There were no more signs of bleeding or any problems that we need to worry about.  Said it was probably just irritation caused by the Progesterone.  He told me I can stop taking it now!  YIPPPEEEEEEEE!  He also showed us all the little fingers and we could count the little toes.  My baby isn’t just a blob, it actually looks like a baby.  How weird is that.  Poor kid has no privacy however thanks to all the Ultrasounds we’ve had to have done.  I’m hoping we are now in the clear till next appointment.

I’m glad things went well or I’m not sure I could have handled my cousins baby shower tonight.  WHEW!


5 thoughts on “The Baby Has Toes

  1. That’s such great news! It must be so fun to see you in the appts when you get to hear and see such great things.

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