Library Trip

We are going to the Library today.  There are a few books I’ve heard are really good and we don’t have the $$ to run out and buy them so I am going to go see if they have them at the public library.  I used to go to the Library all the time in Florida.  I went all the time in North Carolina too but that’s because I worked there.

I’m excited!



5 thoughts on “Library Trip

  1. I like going to the library too, but my problem right now is the smell of the dusty books. I couldn’t stand the smell of pride and predjudice, so I just had to go out and buy it.

  2. Glad you don’t live in Jackson County. They have no money for libraries anymore. So they shut them down. Sad, huh?

    Now I have a little library in the guest bedroom, but not too many books for adults.

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