We’ve Decided… AGAIN

To tell you all:


That’s right.  Some of you already know, but many of you haven’t any clue.  We have waited till we were past that 12 week mark this time around to blog it.  To be honest there is another blog where I have been putting info about the pregnancy (a few scares and what not) so if you are interested you can look HERE and read back a bit.

This time around it was a complete shock to us.  We had decided to wait a while before trying again but the Lord had other plans for us!  The due date is Feb. 13, 2008 and today we heard the heartbeat for the first time.  We also got to see it again and watch the little one bouncing all over the place.  Now that we have heard the heart beat our odds of loosing the baby are down to 2%.  We know there is still a chance but we are welcoming this new chapter with excitement.  This is the furthest we’ve made it and I’m thrilled to know that we are entering the second trimester!

Sorry the blogging has been sporadic a lot recently.  I was HORRIBLY sick with this little one the past few months and it’s been really hard to blog about anything but that.  Good news is that the sickness is starting to go away a little and I’m getting some energy back.  I’ll keep posting most of the pregnancy nitty-gritty on the other blog I linked too, but now I won’t have to hide the basics from this blog anymore.


11 thoughts on “We’ve Decided… AGAIN

  1. GIRL! WOW! I’m so So SO excited for you! Its so amazing to feel and see life inside of yourself and know that you play the biggest roll in bringing someone else to life. Keeping my fingers crossed! (You keep your legs crossed) 🙂 I’ll be by to wish you best of luck one of these days.

    GOD BLESS you, jer and baby kaydee!

  2. I said, “Yay new baby!!!”

    Micah said, “Yay new friend!!!”

    By the way, I hope the morning sickness clears up. I too was REALLY sick. It was the worst feeling ever. But as soon as I hit week 20 it magically cleared!

  3. Hey, it sounds like you and I have something in common! I’m pregnant too, but still in my YUCKY first trimester! AH! It sucks! I’m SOOOOOOOO Excited, elated, happy, etc. for you! Congrats mommy!

  4. Congrats! Grant and I are very happy for you. And Yes! I am one of the many people that follow your blog 🙂
    I remember my 12 week appointment and how my doc couldn’t find the heart beat… and with my m/c my hopes just plummeted… but once we heard it, it was such a relief… such an amazing feeling… 🙂
    This pregnancy will stick with you, just take care of yourself and it will all be good 🙂 We will keep you in our prayers.

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