Holy Moses, She’s Alive!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written. In Mexico we were just always busy and then once I got back I was glued to the new Harry Potter book. I’ll do this blog in two parts, on about the book and the other about Mexico.

Mexico was wonderful. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time because my dad and brother both had their camera’s, but I’ll grab some from them and post them as soon as I can. We went to the ruins at Tulum, and they were spectacular. They were quite a bit smaller (and we were there at a busy time, so much more crowded) than Tikal but the beauty was amazing! Sitting right off the coast and with that pristine water behind it I had no doubt that it would have been an awesome place to live. We also did some snorkeling. I ran into a barracuda and freaked myself, and the fish, out. We also saw some big rays. The weather was raining off and on while we were there but I still managed to get pretty tan, well tan for me that is. It was wonderful to hang out with Art, Steph and the boys. It amazes me how fast those two little ones are growing up. I do want you all to know I was told many times by Parker that I was his best friend. Don’t be Jealous. My best friend is 3 years old and he rocks!


Once we hit the Houston airport on the way home the first thing we did is stop at a bookstore inside the airport and buy two copies of the final Harry Potter book. I didn’t put it down much until this afternoon when I finished reading it. I cried so much. I am sure some of it was just me being tired but I was also terribly sad when I thought about how it was the final book! I’m a baby but it’s so crazy, you want to know the ending but you don’t want it to be over. I loved the book. I thought she did a wonderful job at wrapping it all together. JK Rowling truly has a great gift, and I can’t wait to read these books to my children one day. Mom, who hasn’t started to read it yet, keeps asking me if Harry dies. I reply each time with the following answer “Mom, everyone dies.” No, it’s not true but it makes her laugh. I know she doesn’t really want to know till she reads it herself.

Poor Daisy got ‘fixed’ today and she’s whining at my feet so I’m gonna go cuddle up with the poor thing.


5 thoughts on “Holy Moses, She’s Alive!

  1. I am glad you are not giving away the ending. I am hardly in because Will has been reading it. That is the same way i feel after reading a good book. I am toatlly excited to get to the end, but then again I am at the end and it is over. I go through a sad stage after reading it.

  2. We looked at pictures last night and Parks told me again that you are his best friend. He also said that Kailye and Brighton are his best friends, so……

    Can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for not giving away the ending:)

  3. I have several friends who won’t read the book and they want to know who dies. So I write them a misleading list. Bwah ha ha ha ha!

    Also, I heard a rumor from someone that JK is planning on writing an encyclopedia of the wizarding world so she can more fully explain the aspects she didn’t have time to get into with the books. AWESOME!

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