What a Good Day

Besides being tired from no sleep, yesterday was a great day. After Jeremy got home from class we both cleaned a bit. He got the Kitchen done (well most of it) and I got the Bathroom done. It made a big dent on the Apartment and that makes me happy!

In the afternoon we went to see Harry Potter at the IMAX 3D. Here’s my take on that (oh and yes, Jeremy liked it). I didn’t think the IMAX made the movie any better. As a matter of fact they seemed to have a bulb that was dim or burnt out or something on the right hand side of the screen and I found it distracting that it was so dark on the one side but bright on the other. The 3D at the end of the movie was AWESOME, and I just wished they offered that in the normal theater. I can do without the IMAX and probably won’t be going to another one anytime soon. Our crowd was also boring. I think with movies like Harry Potter that have a following (Pirates was the same) it’s best to got RIGHT when they come out because you get the best reactions from the crowd.

We met some friends at The Pie for FHE and after went over to their house and played two games of Killer Bunnies. Jeremy and I LOVE this game (thanks Will for introducing it to us so long ago). We don’t have it ourselves but this friend of mine has all the expansion packs! We just played with the first one but it was a blast. It was so wonderful to spend a lot of time with Jeremy too. I think I got to see him more today than I have in a VERY long time.


I’m getting my haircut today!! I’m not sure I’ll post a picture because I’m feeling pretty fat and ugly recently but maybe if you are all really nice. 🙂


11 thoughts on “What a Good Day

  1. That does it, we’re playing Bunnies soon. I’m always worried cuz I feel like I get more excited for games than everyone else and I don’t want to “pressure” others to play. Anyway, we haven’t played for years . . . so it’s time to revive the Bunnies. I think the Magic Fountain revives Bunnies . . . hmmmm.

  2. Will…you crack me up!

    So what I hear you saying…is I’ve missed my window of oppurnity to see the movie with the right type of crowd? Bummer! I still haven’t seen it.

  3. You are not alone on the ghost stuff. Poor Mickie would have to stay up and turn on lights for Suzanne and I when we were younger. She would even stand gaurd for us when we had to pee in the middle of the night. What a good, brave sister I have.

  4. I totally posted about the IMAX theater here a few weeks ago! It’s a total joke!! (Did you go to the one at Jordan Commons?) Seriously, the IMAX theaters in Los Angeles are way, way, WAY better!!

  5. Laurie I totally missed that blog. I was terribly disappointed and I don’t remember hating IMAX when I’d seen it other places so it makes sense it was just that theater. I think I’m going to write Mr. Miller an email.

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