My Take on Harry Potter


I just got back from the 5th Harry Potter movie.  For those of you that are wondering I really enjoyed it.  What I didn’t enjoy is walking out with people who can’t stop complaining about it.  So I decided to dedicate this blog to my stance on Harry Potter.

I love the books.  I read them as soon as they come out and own first US editions of the first 6 (I’d love the UK editions too but I have to draw the line somewhere).  I enjoy the way that JK Rowling draws you into the story and replays the classic battles of good vs. evil with bouts of life lessons.  I believe that children can learn great lessons about friendship and family from them, as well as really learn to use their imagination.

I really enjoy the movies as well.  The only time I ever struggled with the movies is when I read the first book too closely to watching the first movie and constantly complained about inconsistencies.  I decided about a week after seeing that first movie that I really did like the movie, and had I not read the books I would have STILL liked the movie.  Some things should just be judged separately.  This last movie was a prime example.  I was entertained and clapped at the end.  I laughed, ohhed and ahhhed during the entire picture.  At one point I had my fists clinched in anticipation.  I enjoy all the movies, and I enjoy all the books.  But I will never read the books and then quickly watch the movies after.  There are parts and inconsistencies in ALL the movies (if people haven’t realized that by the 5th movie than GET A GRIP).

I just had to vent.  I have many friends that will disagree with me on this.  I know there are movies based on books that are very closely done but the truth of the matter is when you are taking an 800 page book and cramming it into a 2 hour movie, changes are made.  Granted many changes you might not agree with but if you are really that upset about it then don’t go to the movies!  At least these are movies that I like despite the differences in the books… unlike Eragon.  That was TRUE disappointment.

Thank you for listening, now go enjoy the show.  Just look at it for what it is, entertainment!


3 thoughts on “My Take on Harry Potter

  1. AMEN!~!!! I totally agree, love the books love the movies. Quit Whining all you others! Yes the book is better then the movie blah blah BUT the movies are still enjoyable right?

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